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Organic asparagus 1 KG Germany

  • The asparagus genius in the kitchen with a detoxifying effect.
    Many connoisseurs enjoy the asparagus season year after year. Whether asparagus soup or asparagus risotto: the fine vegetables make every dish a delicacy. But the asparagus is also an ancient medicinal plant and is considered the food of choice if you want to tackle gastrointestinal complaints, biliary and liver disorders, diabetes and, of course, problems with the bladder. Did you also know that asparagus must be on your plate when you want to get your partner in the right mood? The asparagus season is just right!
    The nutrients in asparagus
    Asparagus is 94 percent water and, with its 16 kilocalories per 100 grams, is one of the particularly low-calorie vegetables. In addition, the cooked white asparagus is:
    0.1 g fat
    2 g protein
    2 g carbohydrates (absorbable)
    1 g of fiber
    The asparagus has a low glycemic load, which means that it hardly affects the blood sugar level. As a result, diabetics, people who want to detox, or those who want to lose weight can strike without limits with asparagus.
    Inulin protects against diseases
    The fiber content in the asparagus is not very high, but it contains a very special fiber, inulin, a substance that is considered a prebiotic, which means that it serves as feed for the beneficial intestinal bacteria and thus has a very positive effect on the intestinal flora.
    When the intestinal bacteria metabolize inulin, short-chain fatty acids are formed. These work against inflammation and help regulate fat and sugar metabolism. At the same time, regular inulin intake inhibits the desire to feast and strengthens the feeling of satiety, which can help with weight loss.
    Studies have also shown that inulin or the short-chain fatty acids reduce the risk of numerous ailments such as B. Overweight, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, colon cancer and bone diseases.


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