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Nutritional supplements / Inflammation/chronic diseases

Citri-Plus liquid 30 ml

  • CITRI-PLUS is a grapefruit seed extract that is effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It has disinfectant and fungicidal properties.
    GRAPE FRUIT SEEDS: Grapefruit seed extract contains polyphenols (naringin, quercetin, hesperidin, etc.), various terpenes, high levels of vitamins C and E, and bioflavonoids. Its disinfectant effect is based on the synergy between ascorbic acid, citrus bioflavonoids and many other naturally occurring organic acids.
    Naringin is one of the main flavonoids in grapefruit seeds and is responsible for its strong bitter taste and strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Naringin's many mechanisms of action include changing the bacterial membrane, which leads to loss of mobility and energy production, and the eventual death of many types of bacteria. Omega fatty acids such as linoleic acid increase their antibacterial and antifungal activity.
    Its components have an antioxidant effect and can neutralize free radicals, which damage cells and cause numerous diseases. It is non-toxic and has no side effects (1,2).
    According to various studies, this extract was considered to be very effective against Gram + and Gram bacteria, fungi and yeast. It affects the gastrointestinal system and is active in concentrations of the order of 60 and 100 ppm, with the most common concentration being between 125 and 250 ppm (3-5).
    It is a natural antibiotic. It is known for the positive results in the treatment of candidiasis and traveler's diarrhea (5).
    Ingredients: carrier (vegetable glycerin), grapefruit seed extract (Citrus × paradisi).
    Nutritional information
    5 drops (0.143 ml)
    Grapefruit seeds
    0.025 ml
    Always use diluted.
    Do not apply to the eyes, do not apply directly to the mouth, ears, nostrils or sensitive areas, may cause irritation if applied directly to the skin.
    Recommended dosage
    Recommended daily dose: As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 3 to 15 drops in a glass of water or juice 1 to 3 times a day or to follow the instructions of a specialist.

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