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Nutritional supplements / Schuessler salts

Schüssler Salt No. 1 Calcium fluoratum

  • Varicose veins connective tissue weakness
    Effect of the Schüßler Salt No. 1
    The functional agent calcium fluoratum is needed by the body to build muscles, ligaments, bones, teeth, tendons and nails. It also hardens and strengthens them at the same time. As a softening and hardening agent, it strengthens sagging tissue and softens hardened tissue. Until the normal state of tissues is restored, this calcium fluoratum regulates the tension. It strengthens connective tissue, bones, nails, ligaments and tendons, smoothes skin folds and scars. Calcium fluoratum also helps with excessive cornea formation (when too much cornea comes out of the tissue).
    Face Analysis Aspects:
    The following features may indicate calcium fluoratum deficiency:
    * reddish-black complexion
    * Wrinkles around the eyes
    * Dandruff on the face
    * chapped lips
    * Periodontitis
    * shiny skin
    Personality traits
    People who represent Schüßler Salt No. 1 are often considered to be nerds. They are rather spiritualized, understand life as a constant maturation process. They feel the great desire to harmonize the material world with the spiritual-spiritual one, but often fluctuate between extreme materialism and total spiritualization. You often lack a sense of reality and down-to-earthness. Calcium fluoratum personalities tend to feel depressed, feel restricted, are listless and lack drive.
    Calcium fluoratum is used in:
    * Varicose veins and spider veins
    * sagging skin, stretch marks, wrinkles
    * soft enamel, caries
    * Osteoporosis (bone loss) and osteomalacia (bone softening) to support medical treatment
    Organ subsidence
    * Skin cracks, cracks in the corners of the mouth and skin cracks
    * Hemorrhoids and anal eczema
    * Scars, warts and hardened acne pimples
    * Nail fungus and deformed (unsightly grown) nails
    * excessive cornea
    * Leg and hammer toe
    How to use:
    Dissolve six tablets in your mouth six times a day.