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Nutritional supplements / Schuessler salts

Schüssler Salt No. 2 Calcium phosphoricum

  • Bones and teeth
    Effect of Schuessler Salt No. 2
    The functional agent calcium phosphoricum is particularly important for cell structure, bone structure and tooth structure. It is used especially in children with late growth of teeth and bones, as well as growing pains. The salt also supports muscle movement. Calcium phosphoricum occurs most frequently in the human body and in large quantities in the bones. The calcium ions make the outer skin (cell membrane) of each cell more permeable to the exchange of substances, but they also strengthen it. In addition, the salt can reduce an increased tendency to blood because it is involved in blood clotting. In addition, with the sufficient presence of calcium ions in the body, the elimination of histamine from the mast cells of the tissue is prevented and thus the occurrence of allergic symptoms (because histamine is responsible for the development of such symptoms).
    Face Analysis Aspects:
    The following characteristics may indicate calcium phosphoricum natronatum deficiency:
    * waxy skin
    * cheesy complexion
    * shiny hair
    Bad breath
    * whitish tongue
    Personality traits
    The typical personality of the Schüßler Salt No. 2 is very concerned about personal safety. She appreciates manageable, proven systems and likes to see a leading person at her side. Calcium phosphoricum people look helpless, undecided, turn out to be very influenceable and quickly give their opinion. They find it very difficult to realize a project that has already started from start to finish. Instead of pursuing your own plans, they are better given up if you can make yourself more popular with others. In leadership positions, Calcium phosphoricum often appears lonely and non-communicative, avoids teamwork, and is very keen to emphasize one's own abilities again and again.
    Calcium phosphoricum is used for:
    * delayed and poor bone formation (in children and adolescents)
    * Teething pain (difficult tooth formation)
    * Growing pains
    * Osteoporosis (bone loss) to support medical treatment
    * Broken bones
    * Muscle cramps, tingling and numbness in limbs
    * physical weakness
    * to support the birth process
    * allergic diseases and itchy skin in old age
    * School headache (from children)
    * Mucosal growths (polyps)
    * Tendency to bleed from the nose
    How to use:
    Dissolve six tablets in your mouth six times a day.