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Nutritional supplements / Schuessler salts

Schüssler Salt No. 7 Magnesium phosphoricum

  • Nerves and muscles, cramps, pain
    Effect Schuessler Salt No. 7
    The functional agent Magnesium Phosphoricum is involved in building muscles, nerves and bones. It dampens the activity of nerves and muscles, such as B. in cramps. This applies on the one hand to muscles that are subject to our will (such as chewing, arm and leg muscles), and on the other hand to the involuntary muscles that are not influenced by us (such as stomach and intestinal muscles). Therefore, even with a magnesium deficiency, the cramps and colic of the hollow organs (stomach, intestine, gallbladder, bladder) worsen. In addition, the phosphate ions are involved in all energy-supplying processes in the cells.
    Face Analysis Aspects:
    The following characteristics may be a deficiency in Magnesium Phosphoricum:
    * delicate rosé veil or magnesia blush
    * Regionally distributed red round spots on the cheeks and neck
    * otherwise pale skin
    * Twitching in the eyelids and corners of the mouth
    Personality traits
    The typical magnesium phosphoricum man according to Dr. Schüßler has an open, cheerful and curious character. Despite his great thirst for knowledge, learning is difficult for him and he tends to be forgetful. The personality traits of salt 7 include excessive nervousness and an extremely sensitive sensation of pain. The magnesium phosphoricum character requires a lot of personal attention, support, confirmation and warmth. He feels most comfortable in the familiar family or friends. The preference for soft, cozy, warm clothing is striking.
    Magnesium Phosphoricum is used for:
    * Cramps of any kind (abdominal cramps, calf cramps, period cramps, vascular cramps (migraines), teething cramps in children)
    * severe pain and convulsions to support medical treatment
    * Spasm of the respiratory muscles (asthma)
    * rheumatic pain (for pain relief)
    * Muscle twitching
    * Colic
    * nervous restlessness and tremors
    * Difficulty falling asleep
    * Period pain in the composition of magnesium * phosphoricum pentarkan
    How to use:
    Dissolve six tablets in your mouth six times a day.