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Nutritional supplements / Schuessler salts

Schüssler Salt No. 8 sodium chloratum

  • Fluid balance, runny nose, diseases
    Effect of the Schüßler Salt No. 8
    The functional agent sodium chloratum is vital for the organism because it regulates the water balance in the body and in the body cells. Especially in the case of disorders that show up in dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, increased secretion of body fluids or swelling (edema). In addition, the body needs the salt to control the exchange of substances in the body cells and for the function of nerves and muscles. Sodium chloratum also supports the enzymes in metabolic reactions and is important for cell division (thus also for the formation of new cells) and for the production of stomach acid.
    Face Analysis Aspects:
    The following characteristics may indicate a lack of sodium chloratum:
    * puffy face
    * gelatin-like shine
    * Dandruff
    * large skin pores
    * Itchy face
    * bloated face
    * Dandruff
    *dry skin
    * Rash especially in the forehead area
    Personality traits
    The sodium chloratum character is considered closed and self-contained, is often repellent, agile and lonely. Schüßler No. 8 is very sensitive, often traumatized and unable to process what happened. Instead, you withdraw from the outside world, sinking into brooding. You feel the negative experiences again and again as if you were watching a film again, but there is no solution to the problem. Sodium chloratum people are often prone to finding words and forgetfulness. Material, especially financial, plays a subordinate role for them.
    Sodium chloratum is used in:
    * Watery runny nose
    * dry skin, eyes and mucous membranes
    * sudden tear flow (e.g. in wind)
    * frequent diarrhea or vomiting to support medical treatment
    * Rash with blisters (with watery content)
    * Joint cracking (lack of joint lubrication)
    * Toothache with drooling
    * Watery to slimy diarrhea
    * Milk jam (for breastfeeding women)
    * Gastric catarrh with watery vomit
    * general weakness
    * rheumatic complaints
    * Swelling (of various causes)
    * Depression (with tearfulness)
    How to use:
    Dissolve six tablets in your mouth six times a day.