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Nutritional supplements / Respiratory system

Vitamin B 15 125 mg 100 vegetarian capsules

  • Vitamin B15 (DMG) regulates blood lipids and is therefore used as a supplement for heart and vascular diseases. It stimulates the glandular and nervous system and has a calming and pain relieving effect. Helps against rheumatism and alcoholism and, thanks to its effect on the energy metabolism, is also an excellent source of energy during convalescence. Promotes mental and physical endurance.
    Vitamin B15 - what is it?
    From a chemical point of view, the name vitamin B15 is no longer valid, as it is not one of the vitamins in the classic sense.
    Vitamin B15 - the more correct name for the vitamin - is produced in the body during metabolic processes involving choline. This is required, among other things, for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.
    In the trade, however, products are offered as "vitamin B15", which serve as a means for better oxygen utilization. This effect has also been proven by Russian scientists.
    This also applies to its use as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of various diseases and symptoms.
    Effects in the body
    From a chemical point of view, the vitamin or pangamic acid is dimethylglycerin.
    According to Russian research, it primarily improves the oxygen turnover in the body's cells. This means that they can use the oxygen more effectively and so their overall performance can be increased.
    The effects on individual organ systems can then be expressed as follows:
    * Stimulation of the oxygen turnover in the tissue cells
    * Improved oxygen supply to muscles, brain and heart
    * Lowering the blood pH value
    * Support of the liver in detoxification processes
    * Lowering cholesterol levels
    * Boosting the immune system
    * can protect against the development of some types of cancer
    * It is also said to reduce the formation of lactate in the body. This is a metabolic product that accumulates in the muscle cells during exercise.
    Use as a therapeutic agent
    The effects described are offered by vitamin B15 for the treatment of diseases that are associated with an insufficient supply of oxygen. These include:
    * Circulatory disorders in the brain
    * Angina pectoris
    *Bronchial asthma
    * Tinnitus
    * Alcohol Disease
    * Diabestes mellitus
    * Skin diseases
    The substance was also used in competitive sports to increase strength and endurance.
    The therapeutic dosage is given here as 150mg / day. Symptoms of overdose are unknown, but research is not yet fully completed.