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Veggie Style Protein 85 % Unflavoured 1 KG

    Protein without taste (neutral) by Veggie Style is a formula made from pea protein isolate, organic rice protein isolate .. The proteins are extracted in a purely mechanical manner on the basis of water, which results in a high quality macronutrient and 100% natural.
    The ingredients are 100% natural and plant-based and suitable for people with vegan and vegetarian habits. Even the "machinery" is 100% vegan and has never been in contact
    with ingredients of animal origin such as lactose or whey.
    Unflavored protein (neutral) is 100% vegetable and has a high protein content (84.4%) of the highest quality with an assimilation rate only comparable to that of eggs or milk, but much healthier because it is vegetable and allergen free.
    This protein is perfect for any type of diet as it is low in fat and has no added sugar. A natural extract of the stevia plant is used as a sweetener.
    Presentation: 1000 g container (22 servings).
    Use: As a dietary supplement for adults, mix 5 measuring spoons (45 g) in 250 ml of water or alternatively with rice or almond milk. You can also make a delicious smoothie by adding 45g of protein in a fresh fruit blender, once you have mixed the drink you can enjoy it. Please keep in the refrigerator (24 hours, not longer).
    This product is free from aspartame and allergens.
    Allergenic Information: This product is aspartame and allergen free

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