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Nutritional supplements / For vegetarians

Moringa Oleifera 350 mg 100 capsules Veggie Style Bio

  • 100% Pure and Organic Moringa, prevents heart and kidney diseases, strengthens the immune system, regulates sugar levels.
    What is Moringa Oleífera?
    Moringa oleifera by Veggie Style are 100% dried leaf powder vegetable capsules. Moringa oleifera supplement powder is a nutritional delicacy, it contains a total of 90 different nutrients in a totally natural way, without manipulating, a full range of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, it also includes a complete protein.
    Characteristics of Moringa Oleífera by Veggie Style:
    * Helps to lose weight
    * 100% vegetable
    * Helps to feel full of energy
    * Helps burn fat
    Recommended use of Moringa Oleifera from Veggie Style:
    As a nutritional supplement take 1 to 3 times a day between 2 and 3 capsules.
    Warnings: The recommended doses should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.
    Nutritional information of Moringa Oleifera from Veggie Style
    Calories 350
    Protein 57.7g
    Fiber 6.2g
    Carbohydrates 12.8g
    Fat 6.7g
    Calcium 1265mg
    Chloride 90mg
    Chromium 0.48mg
    Iron 118mg
    Fluorine 3mg
    Potassium 1120mg
    copper 12.37mg
    Magnesium 367.5mg
    Manganese 4.65mg
    Molybdenum 12.03mg
    Sodium 320mg
    Phosphorus 1200mg
    Selenium 1mg
    Sicilio 100mg
    Zinc 7.6mg
    Vitamin A (B-carotene) 16.3mg
    Vitamin B7 0.8mg
    Vitamin B1 2.98mg
    Vitamin B2 20.24mg
    Vitamin B3 8.8mg
    Vitamin C 34.24mg
    Vitamin E 113mg
    Palmitic acid 44.4%, Stearic acid 6.9%, Palmitoleic acid 3.8%, Oleic acid 1.9%, Linoeic acid 14.9%, Gamma linolenic acid 19%.
    Ingredients: 100% organic Moringa oleifera in vegetable capsules.
    Presentation of Moringa Oleífera by Veggie Style:
    Package with 100 capsules of 350mg.