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B17 amygdalin 100 mg 100 capsules

  • In a pilot test, the Goethe University Frankfurt examined the effectiveness of the alternative cancer drug amygdalin and confirmed its effectiveness against cancer cells.
    Amygdalin, which is also known as vitamin B17 or Laetrile, is an ingredient of bitter apricot and almond kernels. It contains two sugar molecules to which a hydrocyanic acid residue is bound. The users of the substance postulate that the sugar molecules in the vicinity of cancer cells are split off and the cytotoxin hydrogen cyanide is released. The tumor cells would therefore be specifically attacked. Officially, however, it is claimed that amygdalin is highly toxic and also ineffective. It is also on the current list of questionable drugs that must not be used or placed on the market. What is true now? In 2008, the Flora-Apotheke Hannover sued against a ban on the production of amygdalin, and the Lower Regional Court of Lower Saxony was right.
    It followed the opinion of the toxicologist, who was able to prove that high-purity amygdalin is a completely non-toxic substance! After the non-toxicity was confirmed by the highest court, so to speak, I dared to use the substance in my practice at the urging of a cancer patient who had already been treated. And immediately saw a positive effect: the tumor markers, which continued to rise despite ongoing chemo, fell again for the first time and the patient had no side effects. Since then, I've done many hundreds of treatments and haven't seen a single side effect.
    How can it be that a substance that is probably free of side effects and appears to be effective is not officially used in cancer patients? Amygdalin suffers the sad fate of other substances that are not patentable because of their natural occurrence. For understandable reasons, no pharmaceutical company is willing to invest money in research. This study could only take place because a private foundation put money into it.
    Serving size: 1 capsules
    Servings Per Container: 100

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