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Nutritional supplements / Cardiovascula

Organic Noni juice Nonishots 2 x 500 ml

  • 1 liter NoniShot pack (two 500 ml bottles per pack) corresponds to 1 month
    The juice of the Noni is said to have many health benefits. It should not only help with inflammation and stomach ulcers, but also support the body with cardiovascular diseases and depression.
    In folk medicine in India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia, the tropical fruit the size of a chicken egg is considered a miracle cure for all imaginable ailments.
    Add nonishots to your daily diet and give your defenses a natural supplement with vitamins, essential minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. 100% ecological and natural without additives.
    It is recommended that you have two drops of Noni Nonishots juice in the morning before breakfast. One shot is the size of the dispenser that comes with each bottle.
    It is recommended that Noni Nonishots juice be consumed for at least three months to fully notice its effects and included as a supplement to our usual diet.