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Aromatherapy / Volatile oil / Pranarom

Pranarom Ravintsara - 10 ml

  • leaf
    application areas
    Breathing - Natural Defenses - Cleansing - Atmospheric Diffusion - Emotional Balance
    Cinnamomum camphora ct cineole
    Originally from Madagascar and also called Cinnamomum camphora cineole chemotype, it grows wild in humid tropical forests and can reach heights of up to 15 meters. Its leaves are oval, alternate, leathery and long, in the upper part resistant and shiny, which is reminiscent of the membership of the laurel family. Flowering takes place from November to January and produces a very characteristic berry.
    Apply 2 drops 3 times a day on a neutral surface (honey, cane sugar or vegetable oil).. Maximum recommended daily dose of oil: 6 drops - 230 mg -
    Sabines, 1.8 cineol, α-terpineol
    * Ingredients from organic farming (Control Certisys-BE-BIO-01) - BIO means: from organic farming (Control Certisys-BE-BIO-01).