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CDS chlorine dioxide 200 ml

  • CDS chlorine dioxide 200 ml
    CDS chlorine carbon dioxide gas solution distilled
    3000 ppm concentration
    While MMS is in the acidic pH range, pH 2.5-3, CDS is almost pH neutral and is pH 5.5-7, so much more tolerable. With MMS, in high doses, the adverse reactions already mentioned can arise - CDS obviously does not cause this. Therefore, CDS can be tolerated very well in much higher and independent doses.
    MMS solutions are often confused with CDS solutions. These are basically different solutions - a concentrated MMS solution (sodium chlorite solution
    22.5% and a e.g. 3.5% HCL solution, poured on with water at a ratio of 1: 1) can bleach dark fabrics, a commercially available CDS / chlorine dioxide solution (0.3% aqueous
    CDS / chlorine dioxide solution) never achieves this effect.
    My self-experiment (by Rainer Taufertshöfer)
    In my self-experiment for five months, I drank 50-100ml CDS (3000ppm) in 1000ml to 2000ml of water every day, spread over the day, VERY-VERY well tolerated!
    For comparison: One milliliter of CDS corresponds roughly to a chlorine dioxide content of 1-3 drops of activated MMS. Accordingly, 100ml CDS corresponds to a chlorine dioxide content of 100-300 drops of activated MMS.
    Even 10ml sterile CDS in 500ml infusion solution, I have obviously infused myself several times without side effects - I am still alive and in excellent health and thus healed myself from an acutely life-threatening infection. The diagnosis
    I had a doctor accompanied. I personally saw the same and similar things happen to numerous other people. But at this point, too, for legal reasons, I have to point out that this is not recommended for imitation, no
    Promises of healing and CDS (in the form of an over the counter water disinfectant), is not approved as a drug and also not recommended, given or taken as such - even if I would like to do it differently.
    Chlorine dioxide in the bloodstream
    Although chlorine dioxide kills microbes in a few milliseconds, higher organisms such as animals or humans are very insensitive to chlorine dioxide. This is due to the above-mentioned, different biophysical tension structure (redox potential) between the body's own cells, chlorine dioxide and the pathogenic germs.
    The red blood cells bind both oxygen (O2) and chlorine dioxide (ClO2). It is these red blood cells that transport the chlorine dioxide through the blood vessels. If a pathogen comes into contact with the chlorine dioxide molecule in the bloodstream, for example, both (chlorine dioxide and pathogen) break down in a chemical reaction.
    It is noteworthy that under the dark field microscope it is revealed that the effects of chlorine dioxide apparently have an invigorating effect. In a stressed blood count, the surfaces of the red blood cells are clearly less visible. Often these are stuck together ("rolling money" phenomenon), which indicates acidification and a lack of water and / or minerals. Shortly after taking chlorine dioxide, it becomes apparent that the erythrocytes are less able to clump together and - what is even more important - the white blood cells of the immune system can act more positively. The corresponding film documents confirm that the leukocytes were ten times more active after taking CDS.
    You can find out more here: (German)
    https://www.aquacentrum.de/app/uploads/sites/7/2017/09/Die-Wahrheit-u%CC%88ber-CDS-Chlordioxid-als-Heilmittel-Rainer-Taufertsho%CC%88fer-2016. pdf