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MMS and activator Jim Humble

  • MMS and activator Jim Humble
    A little miracle
    MMS dosage
    Here I will explain step by step how to dose MMS correctly for the fastest possible success.A set MMS consists of two vials. One bottle contains a 28% sodium chlorite solution and the second bottle contains a 50% citric acid solution.
    (this is the activator)
    The standard intake recommendation by Jim Humble
    1. Take a dry glass (100 ml).
    2. Mix one drop from each vial in this glass, i.e. one drop of citric acid and one drop of sodium chloride (MMS). Shake the glass gently for about 20 seconds. The mixture should turn yellow and smell slightly of chlorine.
    3. Now fill the glass with water or apple juice. Make sure that you never mix MMS with juices that have added vitamins. These vitamin additives significantly weaken the effect of chlorine dioxide. In addition, you should never drink MMS with coffee as it also contains antioxidants that counteract the effects. So if you want to whitewash the "swimming pool taste", just take apple juice - otherwise stick with normal water (best solution).
    4. Drink the glass immediately after filling it. Don't let it stand, because chlorine dioxide is created immediately, which is supposed to work in your body.
    5. Mix one drop from each bottle every two hours, fill the glass with water and drink it immediately.
    6. Drink activated MMS solution with one drop from each bottle every two hours for 12 hours a day.
    7. If you do not experience any diarrhea or nausea, increase the dose from the second day (or even after half a day) to two drops of activated MMS every two hours. Take a glass of MMS with the appropriate drops every two hours for 12 hours.
    8. Increase the dosage and keep the following golden rule in mind: As long as you do not experience excessive diarrhea or nausea, you can gradually increase the two-hour dose by one drop from one vial at a time, or when you reach five drops every two hours should be enough to kill most of the microbes in your body in just a few days. If you have particularly serious illnesses, such as cancer, you can increase to 10 drops every two hours - as long as you are comfortable with this dose. Jim Humble recommends that you take no more than 10 drops every two hours. What you should keep in mind when taking MMS orally: - MMS is effective in the short-term fight against diseases. MMS is NOT intended for long-term use! The dosages given here should also NOT be exceeded. - Do not take any vitamin preparations two hours before and after taking MMS. The same goes for coffee during this period - always start with a drop and slowly work your way up below the diarrhea and nausea limit. Be aware that diarrhea and nausea are a sign of the body creating dead microbes from the body. For some People who have lived and smoked very unhealthily in their lives can by all means lead to severe diarrhea, as the MMS works immediately. Avoid drinking MMS with food. It's better to take MMS half an hour before you eat or an hour after you eat.
    How to use MMS externally:
    MMS can work wonders when applied externally. It helps to get rid of the pain quickly in the case of severe sunburn (the redness remains, however). Skin cancer patients have seen their skin cancer peel off after applying MMS to the area for a few days. Since MMS and DMSO inhibit and kill the bacteria that cause inflammation, it is a great help against acne or annoying pimples. There are more examples of what MMS can be used for externally. Wherever you have bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites at work, smear MMS on it and watch the miracle.
    1. Put 10 drops from each vial into a clean 100 ml glass.
    2. Fill this glass half full.
    3. Add 10 drops of DMSO. DMSO is a harmless active enhancer that has an anti-inflammatory effect and can penetrate very deeply into cells. The DMSO helps the MMS to penetrate deep into the body when it is applied.
    4. Apply the MMS solution to the affected area every 30 minutes. After two hours, the MQL solution no longer produces chlorine dioxide. Therefore you have to mix 10 more drops from each bottle and add some water and DMSO. Warning: Never apply activated MMS drops to a skin without a dilution.