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Nutritional supplements / Inflammation/chronic diseases

Artemisia annua 25 gr.

  • Artemisia annua 25 gr.
    Artemisia annua has over 600 ingredients that are important to health
    Before the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to the Chinese pharmacologist Tu Youyou, few had ever heard of "Artemisia annua" - the annual mugwort. This medicinal plant has been used by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries as an effective remedy against malaria and other serious diseases. The latest studies even suggest that the "crown jewel from the treasury of TCM" also shows promising effects on diabetes, cancer, HIV infection and even Covid-19. In addition to the active ingredient artemisinin, the "miracle plant" contains over 600 ingredients that are important to health and have an antibacterial, antiviral and immune stimulating effect and are almost free of side effects.
    The main ingredients of annual mugwort
    The leading ingredient in annual mugwort is artemisinin. This has been intensively researched over the past few decades, with positive findings in areas such as malaria and cancer treatment. A total of several hundred ingredients can be found in the plant, among the most important besides artemisinin.
    + Flavonoids
    + Menthol
    + Coumarin
    + Thymol
    + Beta sitosterol
    + div. essential oils
    Many of these additional ingredients are scientifically well researched and have been linked to many different effects on the human body. Flavonoids are valued for their anti-oxidative effect, menthol and essential oils are said to have relaxing properties with their pleasant scent. The effects of artemisinin are adequately described below.
    Use in European medicine
    Since malaria does not actually occur in Europe, the scientific focus on our continent is in a different area. Here, researchers have been studying the effects of artemisinin and other ingredients on cancer over the past few years. In fact, there are a growing number of studies suggesting beneficial effects of artemisinin and its derivatives in cancer therapy.
    The principle of action here is similar to that used in combating malaria. Here, too, the harmful cancer cells are eaten up by free radicals, which, however, depend on reactive iron to develop. No scientist has yet come up with fully-fledged medical statements, but support for conventional cancer therapy seems to make sense. The advantage here is that the medicinal plant rarely causes side effects in studies.
    How is annual mugwort given?
    Two forms of ingestion of annual mugwort are established. On the one hand, the dried leaves of the plant can be infused into tea. The shredded tea leaves are also freely available in this country. For a cup, we recommend a dosage of two teaspoons and a steeping time of ten minutes with boiled water. One or two cups a day should be consumed for a maximum of four to six weeks. Otherwise there is a risk of the body becoming accustomed to it as described above, which impairs the positive effects of artemisinins and its derivatives.
    On the other hand, one or more active ingredients can be taken as a tincture. This is also freely available and consists of the leaves of the plant and an alcohol solution. After several weeks of steeping, the leaves are strained and the clear tincture is ready. Depending on the type of treatment, ten to 50 drops should be taken. The amount and duration of use should be discussed with a doctor. Typical uses of tincture or tea are:
    Relief from stomach cramps
    + Prevention of flatulence
    + Relief from fever
    + Help with diarrhea
    + Strengthening the body against parasites
    Every body reacts slightly differently to the administration of annual mugwort, also with regard to the side effects. Here it means to start the treatment under the supervision of a doctor and not to carry it out uncontrolled for weeks and months for the reasons mentioned above.
    Our conclusion on the annual mugwort (Artemisia annua)
    Annual mugwort is a small miracle cure that for a long time received little attention as a medicinal herb in Germany and Europe. This has changed over the last few decades, the effectiveness against malaria has been scientifically proven and has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The annual mugwort proves to be a loyal companion in every herbal pharmacy when it comes to combating many other ailments. The administration as tea or tincture should not be exaggerated, otherwise a habituation effect occurs.