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Colloidal silver non-ionic 1100ppm - 30ml

  • Colloidal silver non-ionic 1100ppm - 30ml
    Highly Concentrated Colloidal Silver!
    Since this silver does not contain silver ions, it does not accumulate in the body.
    Silver has been used in traditional health care for thousands of years. The Chinese developed acupuncture around 7,000 years ago and have continued to refine this method. In the beginning they used wood and thorns for this purpose, but they soon came to gold and silver needles. They quickly discovered the effect of silver. It can be assumed that millions of healers use silver needles for acupuncture today. The ancient Egyptians also knew about the qualities of silver. It was used in medicine by the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians and Chinese.
    According to tradition, silver was also considered a good means to ward off demons. Noble families kept provisions in silver chests and ate and drank exclusively from silver tables. Excessive use of silver can result in lips and mouths becoming slightly bluish, leading to speculation that the nobility were therefore attributed "blue blood".
    real colloidal silver (colloidal silver)
    does not contain silver ions
    pure substance
    When buying colloidal silver, always make sure that it is NOT ionic silver
    Ionic silver is less valuable in terms of health. Chemically, a silver ion is an atom that is missing an electron. The silver ions are produced by electrolysis and can be understood as "dissolved silver". These products are also often referred to as "electrocolloids", which is scientifically incorrect. Ionic silver is either clear like water or slightly yellowish. It's not colloidal silver.
    In the human body, silver ions combine with chlorine ions, for example, to form silver chloride. The specific properties of the silver are lost in the process. Silver chloride is a compound that cannot be broken down by the human body and is difficult to eliminate. A typical feature is a pale complexion, since the silver chloride is deposited under the skin.
    Most silver products contain ionic silver because it is easy and inexpensive to produce.
    The simplest relationship with real colloidal silver is between color and concentration. This means that the higher the concentration, the more intense the coloration. This ranges from yellowish to brown. This colloidal silver from Fairvital is highly dosed at 1100ppm and is therefore brown in color - it is real colloidal silver, it contains NO silver ions.
    Real colloidal silver consists of small nanoparticles of metallic silver.
    The atoms are complete, so they have no electrical charge and cannot combine with other elements. Colloidal silver particles can be excreted by the body and do not accumulate.
    These small particles of real colloidal silver are usually already absorbed in the mouth, stomach and intestines. It is therefore important to use highly concentrated colloidal silver to ensure that it also reaches the lower intestinal tract and destroys unwanted bacteria there. In ionic form, silver looks for a binding partner (usually chloride) and is no longer able to kill bacteria.
    Making real silver colloid (silver colloid) is a difficult, complicated and expensive process. It's no secret why most producers choose to manufacture ionic silver over colloidal silver and simply call it colloidal silver. Fortunately, more and more buyers know the difference: if it looks like water, it's ionic silver and not real silver colloid.