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Curcurin Nova Diet 30 capsules

  • Curcurin Nova Diet 30 capsules
    reduce inflammation
    What is inflammation and what are its main signs?
    Inflammation is our body's defense process against certain physical, chemical, or biological aggressions (infections). It attempts to eliminate the original cause of the injury and repair the damage done during the process.
    The main signs are: heat, redness, tumor, pain and functional impotence. The increase in size or tumor is produced by the accumulation of fluid and cells in the focus of the lesion; and pain due to irritation at the nerve endings in that area. About 20% of the adult Spanish population suffers from chronic pain, which equates to about 6.5 million Spaniards who experience chronic pain over time; Women are the ones who suffer the most. These are muscle and bone pain in general and back pain in particular (lumbar and cervical); also headaches (12%), digestive problems (5%) and gynecological pains (4%).
    How does phytotherapy help us reduce inflammation and relieve pain?
    The scientific literature shows us different types of plants that have properties that help improve inflammatory processes and reduce pain.
    The use of turmeric root is supported by the results of several studies. The scientific evidence for the anti-inflammatory activity of its main bioactive compound (curcumin) is very high in both acute and chronic inflammation. Its effectiveness in reducing pain has also been demonstrated in various studies examining postoperative and joint pain (due to osteoarthritis and arthritis).
    Various health-promoting properties are attributed to black pepper, which are linked to its main active ingredient, piperine. It is characterized by improving the bioavailability of the other ingredients with which it is taken, reducing inflammation and the sensation of pain, as it has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
    The main bioactive compound in ginger root is gingerol. The scientific bibliography includes human studies in which the results support its anti-inflammatory activity, showing how it improves and reduces joint pain, muscle pain (as in low back pain or common muscle discomfort in athletes), headache and dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain. In addition, ginger is known for its digestive and digestive effects: it aids in digestion and reduces gas formation.
    Active ingredients per capsule:
    550 mg dry extract 20:1 from turmeric granules (95% curcumin) (equivalent to 11,000 mg root powder).
    50 mg dry extract of ginger (5% gingerol).
    3 mg Biperine® (95% piperine).
    How to use:
    Take 1 capsule daily with breakfast or lunch.
    Pack of 30 capsules.