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Colloidal Copper - for the heart and brain 20 ppm - 100 ml

  • Colloidal Copper - for the heart and brain 20 ppm - 100 ml
    essential for the proper functioning of the organs
    Colloidal copper feeds our heart and brain.
    The all-rounder of the body
    Hardly any trace element works in our body in such a complex and yet unobtrusive manner as colloidal copper. Everywhere it performs an inconspicuous, but nevertheless supporting functional role, colloidal copper has an immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Here are a few examples: generation of energy and blood, metabolic involvement, formation of hemoglobin, strengthening of the connective tissue, formation of skin, regulation of the substance balance of the adrenaline and nervous system...
    As you can see, this series could be continued indefinitely. The bottom line, however, is that this list alone shows how important colloidal copper is in our body and how varied it is used. Unfortunately, there is also a treacherous side of the coin, because if there is a shortage of copper, we only notice it when it is already too late.
    Cause and cure at the same time: colloidal copper
    As paradoxical as it may sound, colloidal copper is ultimately the cause and also the remedy for a whole range of physical and mental ailments at the same time copper deficiency precedes and persists in many infectious diseases and also in cancer, diabetes and hepatitis. It's part of the cause.
    At the same time, the colloidal copper that we produce in Germany using the most modern methods is also one of the most effective remedies, because it has been proven that a large part of the symptoms can be decisively alleviated by balancing the body's copper level. Do something good for yourself, your heart and your brain and provide them with sufficient colloidal copper.
    Use: Spray in the mouth, then swallow after a minute. Even several times a day.