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Colloidal Gold 20ppm 100ml

  • Colloidal Gold 20ppm 100ml
    improves mental performance and rejuvenates the body.
    In the past it was used to satisfy the need for alcohol, indigestion, circulatory problems, depression, obesity and burns. It is believed to be very effective in rejuvenating glands, prolonging life and improving brain function.
    Medical and clinical studies have shown that gold can be used to treat arthritis, rheumatism and syphilis.
    It is useful in the treatment of tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, sexual dysfunction, spinal problems, discoid lupus, glandular and nerve disorders, bronchial asthma and some nerve ending surgeries. It has a direct effect on cells, especially the brain and neurons, it has calming properties, which, however, do not affect the transmission of nerve impulses.
    Benefits and Properties of Colloidal Gold
    Gold is widely used in medicine, including surgical instruments used in bone grafts and acupuncture needles.
    dr Edward H. Ochsner, Surgical Consultant at Augustana Hospital, USA, has found that colloidal gold can help shrink tumors, reduce pain, improve appetite and digestion, and increase weight and physical strength.
    It is tasteless, non-toxic, and made with no additives, carriers, or colorings, using the same process used to make colloidal silver.
    It can have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body, especially in cases of mental and emotional instability such as depression, SAD (seasonal alternation disorder), melancholy, pain, anxiety, despair, anxiety, frustration, suicidal tendencies or the usual illnesses. called "the evil of life".
    Gold has always been known for its effects on heart activity, as it improves blood circulation.
    Colloidal gold improves psychophysical abilities and rejuvenates the body
    At the physical or cellular level, it acts as a catalyst that facilitates physiological functions and, in the event of a change in these processes, helps to rebalance them; That is why it is useful in many pathologies, including generative ones.
    On a mental level, it stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses, reduces feelings of frustration, stimulates the ability to learn and concentrate and activates a general sense of well-being.
    On an energetic level, it increases the resonant frequency of the cells in which it is located; It acts deep into the DNA of cells, creating the optimal environment for the body to alter and fight degenerative diseases.
    Nanoparticles suspended in energized water have a beneficial effect on the entire body.
    Colloidal gold is particularly useful for:
    *reduce the feeling of tiredness
    *improve blood circulation
    *Improving motor coordination
    *Improving sexual activity
    Content: 100 ml spray bottle
    Bidistilled water AND colloidal gold.
    How to use:
    10 sprays in the mouth. Hold sublingually for 1 minute, then swallow.