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Colloidal silicon 20ppm 100ml

  • Colloidal silicon 20ppm 100ml
    For strengthening connective tissue and bones
    Trace element in colloidal solution. Colloidal silicon is created through a special manufacturing process in which water and very small silicon particles are swirled around. The very small particles of the colloidal solution are not subject to gravity, do not sink. They form an extremely large surface area for good absorbency.
    Colloidal silicon is ideal for strengthening connective tissue and bones and for binding water. The colloidal solution with the important trace element is therefore a valuable dietary supplement. During the manufacturing process, tiny silicon particles are mixed with water. With this method, the particles cannot sink. With its large surface, the absorption capacity improves.
    quality features
    Silicon is an endogenous element in the connective and supporting tissue, which is found in the skin and in the vessel walls, among other things. Every single body cell contains silicon. This sometimes binds large amounts of water, which is important for healthy skin and the elasticity of connective tissue, cartilage and bones. You can also take colloidal silicon to help protect your body. The product is said to ensure stronger bones, elastic skin, healthy hair and strong nails.
    Worth knowing about the colloidal solution
    Due to the colloidal form, the product can be absorbed particularly well by the body. The small particles of silicon are finely distributed and float in the liquid. Body fluids such as blood are also colloids. This is exactly the reason why the body can absorb and utilize the colloid so well. The swirled or dynamized solution is of high purity.
    10 sprays in the mouth. Hold sublingually for 1 minute, then swallow.