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Nutritional supplements / Circulation

Nattokinase 100mg 90 tablets

  • Nattokinase 100mg 90 tablets
    Reduces the risk of thrombosis, stroke and heart attack
    Natokinase: Consuming this enzyme is said to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Nattokinase is said to reduce the risk of thrombosis, stroke and heart attack. It is good for prevention and in some cases can even replace conventional blood-thinning medication.
    Benefits of Nattokinase Tablets :
    ++natural enzyme from fermented soy
    ++gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free
    ++vegetarian and vegan
    ++Without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
    ++small tablets, easy to swallow
    ++Enzyme activity 2000 FU (= fibrinolytic units)
    ++without genetic engineering
    Note: Nattokinase is not suitable for people taking anticoagulant drugs, such as the coumarin group (Marcumar, Warfarin).
    In any form of bleeding, nattokinase is contraindicated. In the case of upcoming operations, please inform your doctor in good time about the consumption of nattokinase.