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Activ Ozone

Ozonated oil with 1200IP 20 ml

  • Ozonated oil with 1200IP
    a strong antiseptic effect
    The use of a high IP allows a strong antiseptic effect. Thus, ozone oil 1200 is useful throughout the entire severe, recurrent and resistant infection process (bacterial, fungal and / or viral) and in the inflammatory phase of injuries (especially complex wounds).
    skin abscess; Alveolitis (dry; purulent); dermatophytosis; gingivitis; Herpes Simplex Genital (VHS-2); herpes zoster; Superficial mycoses; Onicocryptosis (ingrown nail); Onychogryphosis (thick nails); onychomycosis; pericoronaritis; tinea barbae; tinea cruris; tinea pedis; Recurrent oral ulcers (thrush); Varicela zoster; Verruga Plantar; Complex Wounds – Proliferative Phase;
    For wounds and ulcers with infection (severe), for gingivitis, alveolitis, herpes simplex and herpes zoster.
    Shake well before use. Apply to the desired area of the body and massage gently until completely absorbed.
    Pack of 20ml bottle
    Ozonized sunflower seed oil1, Ozonized olive oil1.
    1PV [1200 mEqO2/Kg]) + 10%