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Nutritional supplements / Infectious diseases

Askorbato K - the special vitamin C 30 tablets

  • ASKORBATO K from Hifas da Terra also contains polyphenols (additional help against free radicals) and potassium bicarbonate (gastric acid regulator) to provide the immune system with important micronutrients for effective protection against viruses and bacteria without putting a strain on the stomach.
    Askorbato K-HdT (vitamin C)
    Askorbato K-HdT is a vitamin C antioxidant with vitamin C, potassium, flavonoids (olive leaf extract) and resveratrol (red wine extract).
    This dietary supplement in combination with medicinal mushroom extracts facilitates their action and enhances their effects. The polyphenols and procyanidins from Vitis vinifera promote the access of beta-glucans to the cell receptors.
    Ascorbic acid or vitamin C
    The vitamin C contained in each tablet corresponds to 225% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA).
    Suitable for celiac disease, lactose intolerance, vegetarians and vegans
    Recommended dosage:
    Askorbato K-HdT 140 tablets is suitable for celiac disease, lactose intolerance, vegetarians and vegans. It is free from gluten, preservatives, chemicals, sweeteners, flavorings, starch, wheat, corn, soy, sugar and dairy products.
    Recommended daily dose: one or two tablets.
    Ingredients per tablet: 500 mg - Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 45.14%, 102 mg potassium bicarbonate, 40 mg dry extract of Vitis vinifera -80% polyphenols, 55% procyanidins-, 20.63 mg dry extract of olive leaves (Olea europaea) -16% oleuropein and 30% polyphenols-.