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Nutritional supplements / Cardiovascula

Bonalin - Soria Natural - 30 pearls

  • Bonalin - Soria Natural - 30 pearls
    Heart health and mental clarity in every pearl.
    What is Bonalin Soria Natural?
    Bonalin EPA+DHA pearls from Soria Natural is a food supplement that combines high doses of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA (500 mg) and DHA (250 mg), along with vitamin E.
    This formulation is designed to support cardiovascular health, as both EPA and DHA are known to contribute to normal heart function. Additionally, DHA plays a crucial role in maintaining normal brain function and vision.
    The inclusion of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, helps protect cells against oxidative stress. This product is ideal for those looking to support their cardiovascular, brain and visual health in an effective and natural way.
    Per pearl: Fish oil (1000 mg), D-alpha-tocopherol, coating agents: gelatin, glycerin and water.
    Active compounds:
    for pearl
    EPA 500 mg
    DHA 250mg
    How is Bonalin Soria Natural used?
    Take 1 pearl a day, preferably with food.
    Container of 30 pearls of 1410 mg.