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Nutritional supplements / Sleep well?

Melatonin Travel - MGdose Soria Natural

  • Melatonin Travel - MGdose Soria Natural
    Prevents insomnia
    Melatonin-based food supplement with sweetener.
    What is Melatonin Travel?
    Food supplement that helps you fall asleep and improves sleep quality.
    Reduces symptoms of jet lag, schedule changes, night waking, etc.
    Prolongs the duration of the REM phase.
    Prevents insomnia in adults and the elderly.
    Helps in anti-aging therapies.
    Contributes to the treatment of problems related to oxidative stress.
    Sweetener: xylitol, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids; melatonin (1.95 mg), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.
    Amount of nutrients per tablet
    Melatonin 1.95 mg
    How to take Melatonin Travel?
    1 tablet a day is recommended before going to bed.
    Container of 90 tablets.