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Nutritional supplements / Circulation

Cannabidol GEL with hemp seed oil 75 ML

  • CANNABIDOL GEL is particularly suitable for relieving pain in the limbs, even for neck and back pain use.
    For sprains (ankles, knees, etc.), muscle contractures, tendonitis or circulatory disorders in the legs best suited.
    In addition, it promotes the recovery of the muscles after every physical activity and promotes the feeling of warmth.
    Active ingredients:
    * Hemp oil (Cannabis sativa var sativa).
    * Bitter ginger extract (Zingiber Zerumbet).
    * Mirtilo
    How to use:
    Use it 2 or 3 times a day. Massage in.
    Suitable for everyday use.
    To improve the feeling of coldness and all its advantages:
    - Store the product in the refrigerator.
    - You can wrap it with foil.
    - With a cold compress.
    - Apply after showering or moisten after application.
    75 ml