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Nutritional supplements / Diabetes

Omega 7+ 30 pearls Suravitasan

  • The current study situation shows that the omega-7 fatty acids can influence the metabolism, the feeling of satiety and the insulin sensitivity as well as offer various protective properties for your cells.
    The still relatively unknown omega-7 fatty acids can be assembled by the human body itself, but they can also be found in nuts such as macadamia.
    While the well-known omega-3 and -6 fatty acids found in salmon, for example, are essential, i.e. are not produced by the body itself, this does not apply to their cousins, the omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids . Omega-7 fatty acids are found in every animal tissue, especially in the liver they accumulate.
    But that does not mean that they are less important for health: The omega-7 fatty acid palmitoleic acid in particular seems to inhibit inflammatory processes and thus prevent many diseases of civilization such as arteriosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. In addition, according to initial studies, omega-7 fatty acids ensure lower cholesterol levels.
    The body produces omega-7 fatty acids itself
    In addition to macadamia oil, there is plenty of palmitoleic acid - up to a proportion of forty percent - in e.g. Sea buckthorn. Fish also contains omega-7 fatty acids, but much less than the vegetable foods.
    Palmitoleic acid counteracts diabetes, inflammation and fatty liver:
    Before they carelessly upset this balance, the scientists want to wait and see what results a study by Harvard University will bring: There, researchers are currently working more closely on the health effects of palmitoleic acid. It was Harvard scientists who discovered in 2008 that omega-7 fatty acids are involved in metabolic regulation.
    The first fatty acid to do the job of a hormone
    Palmitoleic acid was also the first known fatty acid to act as a hormone in the body. In their "Cell" publication, the researchers therefore named the substance lipokine, a combination of the Greek words for "fat" and "movement". They observed that the omega-7 fatty acid works in muscle and liver cells. Accordingly, palmitoleic acid increases the sensitivity to insulin, which counteracts type 2 diabetes, and inhibits the storage of fat in the liver.
    Sea buckthorn fruit oil (600 mg), sea buckthorn seed oil (400 mg), palmitoleic acid (146.4 mg), alpha-linolenic acid (129.2 mg), goji seed oil (40 mg), linoleic acid (27.2 mg), Oleic acid (7.6 mg), linolenic acid (1.1 mg).



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