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Pure oil


  • COCONUT OIL 250 ml
    repairs damaged fibers and prevents hair loss
    It contains a composition of proteins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that repair damaged fibers and prevent hair loss. In addition, lauric acid penetrates deep into the scalp and helps hair grow healthy and strong.
    It can be used during normal hair washing or as a deep drying treatment. Protective and strengthening effect on the skin. Improves the skin's appearance and eliminates blemishes caused by sunlight.
    Because it is 100% natural, it strengthens the body and the immune system. Improves Blood Circulation: By eliminating fat and bad cholesterol, blood circulates better, promoting the health of all organs that interact in the circulatory system
    Coconut oil helps prevent and solve dental health problems by eliminating the root causes of tooth decay and gum disease. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it improves the health of the scalp and makes it look brighter and stronger.
    It nourishes and heals the skin as coconut oil helps reduce the time skin loses its freshness and minimizes the spots caused by sun exposure. To apply to skin, simply add required amount overnight and massage until absorbed.
    It comes in a 250ml bottle. A sufficient amount of the product should be rubbed into the hair. Cover it with a bathing cap and leave it on for an hour. Rinse with plenty of water and continue combing. Heat the bottle (30°C) when the oil is solid before applying.
    Container Type: Bottle
    Texture: Oil
    Scope of application: hair and body